Ruling number 9

The Numerology

Of all the ruling numbers, those with a 9 have a pretty clear mission. This means that people with a ruling number of 9 are most likely to see their own personality traits and desires.


The ruling number is 9 with 3 core messages

  • The first is personal and social responsibility: This can be considered as the highlight of person ruling number 9
  • The second is the ambitious dream
  • Third is the ideal of life:

If you are holding the ruling number of 9, you can see 3 things very clearly.

Purpose of life:

Those with the ruling number of 9 always find themselves with a lot of responsibility. They will be suitable for arts and humanities fields. However, they are not really suitable for science or business. Therefore, they should not be reluctant to undertake scientific research or business because it is like "catching a fish to climb trees".

There are many people who are at the forefront of the socio-cultural field having the ruling number of 9.

Those who carry the ruling number of 9 will have the ideal to dedicate themselves to their career and life. They always cherished for themselves ideas to contribute. However, not always their ideas can become reality. Therefore, one of their important purposes to this life is how to realize their ideals into useful things.

Forte and short:

People with the ruling number 9 are the ones who will always have the motivation to do their job well when it is what they need to do to serve people, help people improve and improve their lives. they are always full of ambitions and aspirations to contribute.

Besides, they are extremely favorite and have artistic blood. If they are instructed to follow an acting career, they will be more inclined to serious acting but seldom choose to perform comedy or other comfortable performing schools.

However, people with ruling number 9 tend to see the problem as a whole, but rarely examine and evaluate every detail. Thus, they really are not suitable for industries related to economics and trade because they are not good at financial management, even do not know how to control their personal financial management.

Things need to fix:

The more number 9 you have in your birth chart, the bigger your ambition becomes. Therefore, if they do not realize their cherished ideas into real life, they will easily fall into a negative state.

In addition, if their ideals are fulfilled too easily, those who hold the ruling number 9 will become arrogant. In other words, at this time their self-esteem will reach its maximum state and if they do not know how to hold back, they will become arrogant at any time.

In addition, most people of ruling number 9 are also quite honest in nature. If you have a friend who belongs to the ruling number 9 group, you can be assured of their sincerity. However, some cases of the ruling number 9’s people are considered too sincere and naive, so they are easily deceived, leading to serious disappointment. However, after many problems they will still choose to trust.

In the end, although they strongly pursue their ambitions and ideals, if these ambitions lack reality, at some point what the ninth does will turn out to be the theory, even many people will assume that is kind of hypocrisy

What can person number 9 develop?

The Pythagorean mathematician has concluded about two qualities that people with the ruling number 9 are the key to practice: patience and perseverance.

It is easy for the ninths to get impatient with what's going slowly and keep them waiting. Therefore, ninths need to be very patient, avoid being angry with others too much, and need to learn how to support their colleagues to work faster.

People holding the ruling number 9 should practice consistency so that they can do everything

Appropriate career suggestions

The ruling number 9’s people are not suitable for businesses, jobs that need to be charged such as trading, playing securities ...

Instead, you are very suitable for jobs in religious environments, social security organizations, educational institutes, ... People who have ruling number 9 are also quite good at research related issues. criminal rescue or therapy.