Ruling number 5

The Numerology


A person with a ruling number of 5 has the following characteristics:

  • Love the freedom: People with a ruling number 5 cannot work according to a set time and it is difficult for them to take direct leadership from others. Therefore, if bound by rules and regulations, they will become moody and upset.
  • Love to travel: Thanks to the frequent movement here, they expand their wisdom and awareness.
  • Change jobs often: People with ruling number 5 tend to choose seasonal jobs, not a lifetime job.
  • Respect emotional love between people: For the main number 5, affection is the most important thing and they always appreciate the feelings between people. They always crave and love emotional moments.
  • Having an artistic mindset: Thanks to the richness of the mind and the emotional abundance of the soul, the person with the ruling number 5 has a high artistic mind: They will have a feeling of bliss when expressing something. success.

Purpose of life:

The ruling number 5 is at the center of the date of birth, so it creates a duality for the situation. Therefore, the person whose ruling number is 5 to this life with the desire to be free from all bondage and to express his free expression. Inside person ruling number 5 is always the urge to be free and desire to express his interior to the fullest. Thus, people with ruling number 5 possess an extremely rich interior, considered a jewel but covered in dust. In addition, you also possess a spiritual depth but see no bottom. You should live quietly with yourself, not superficially, you will find your true worth to develop.

Things to fix:

Because of their nature that loves freedom, sometimes by following a certain rule, they will express discomfort. Many young people when you start working, you have to go to work on time, obey the boss and obey the discipline of the organization that makes you unbearable, so you quit. You need to learn to surpass yourself so that you can develop more aspects in the future. The ruling number 5’s people need to be aware that the problems that bind you are not about restraining yourself but to help you learn patience and cooperation, teamwork and training. the ability to control myself.

Another point that people with ruling number 5 are prone to make is that they are extremely susceptible to making mistakes because of their negligent nature and inattention to details. Therefore, you should pay more attention and be more careful in everything you do.

In addition, people of ruling number 5 are often nervous and uncertain when dealing with high-pressure jobs, so they are susceptible to stress and depression. The advice for you is to sit down calmly, breathe or go outside to relieve stress. After that, solve one by one and everything will be fine.

What can person number 5 develop?

When you feel the frustration of losing your freedom because you are about to be tied to something, remember that instead of focusing on the negativity - what you will endure - you Please change your perspective and prepare to learn a new lesson.

You should also take advantage of the opportunities to travel to relieve pressure on yourself. In addition, exercising passion from within will help you learn more.

Appropriate career suggestions

Because he loves freedom, people of ruling number 5 will always strive to find careers that fulfill their needs. Examples are writers, musicians, singers, videographers. However, remember to love the profession because once you let your artists rise, you will not be able to keep your love for the job for a long time, so it is difficult to succeed.

Another aspect that the ruling number 5’s people are also extremely suitable for is the acting profession. By acting, these people can freely express and express his feelings completely. However, not just standing on the stage and acting is acting. You can still succeed as a politician, painter, designer, tourist / hotel worker .... You can do anything as long as 3 factors are guaranteed: self due, acting and artistic talent.