Ruling number 11

The Numerology


The person with a ruling number of 11 has the following outstanding features:

  • There will be a huge difference between the number 11 who can live actively, apply their spiritual powers to their lives, help those around and those who don't realize the potential. These people will live very hard, difficult, and fuzzy.
  • There is a high level of indulgence in spiritual matters
  • There is always an urge in mind to find spiritual roots.
  • In a normal living environment, person number 11 is quite sensitive, lives honestly, fair and trustworthy.
  • Have a deep love for family and friends and a love of life sincerely.

Purpose of life:

Most of the people with number 11 as the main, more or less they also have special psychic abilities than ordinary people. Therefore, the number 11 often mentally go to spiritual lands to calm down and develop more of their abilities. Thus, people with number 11 are those who have been prepared to extremely abundant spiritual capital when entering this life. However, according to Dr. David A. Phillips, the number 11 is not shining and favorable for the spiritual path because they are often subjected to material traps that forget their mission when coming to the this life. For example, those of you with number 11 will be engrossed in making money, chasing material pleasures, worrying about love or finding happiness ... and as a result, they will suffer. This suffering makes them torment themselves why they live such misery in this life and it is the catalyst for them to return to their spiritual roots.

Forte and short:

Person number 11 loves the delicate things, the cultural beauty of the spiritual life.

However, sometimes the number 11 will easily get caught up in the spiral of love, get swept up in life's indignation and they also suffer from love a lot.

Things need to fix:

As the material life develops, there will be more and more traps exposed. Many people with number 11 will be bound by these traps and forget themselves. Their lives would have been much simpler if they knew enough. However, they often pray for many things, so when they do not get what they want, they will easily become angry and even go astray. At times like this, a person with ruling number 11 should listen to their extremely sharp intuition so that it leads them back to the main axis and possibly leads them to evolve mentally and spiritually.

What can person number 11 develop?

For people number 11, spiritual values ​​cannot be mixed with commercial value so mention of money should be limited. They can only take advantage of their career to earn money and this money will then be used to help others, not just benefit for themselves.

People with ruling number 11 need to learn to listen to their very honest intuition to avoid being lured into material traps.

In addition, the number 11 should learn the virtue of acceptance more and learn from knowing how to live is enough, not to resent the life that has brought them so much suffering.

Suggestions for suitable careers

People number 11 will be especially suitable for jobs of high human value such as educators, social activists, religious leaders, personal coaches, teachers of cultural disciplines, ...

In short, the lesson for the number 11 is that learning enough is enough and knowing that you have so much spiritual power that you cannot live like a normal person to pursue material or emotional excess. If you live at a higher level like that, you can emit a spiritual power that ordinary people do not have.