Ruling number 4

The Numerology


The ruling number 4’s people have the following outstanding characteristics:

  • Be realistic in mind: People at this ruling number will prefer facts rather than reasoning. Therefore, partners should ask these people to sit down at the table to see what to do, not to discuss the values ​​that work will bring because they won't like to hear it.
  • Rolling on at work: People of ruling number 4 are very active, so they always want to rush forward, keep going and keep improving. They rarely sit still to watch other people busy and will often actively offer to help
  • Good work: They can absolutely excel in any field depending on the level of education they receive. These people are very attentive to the well-being of their work and are extremely attentive to precise details.
  • Have principle
  • Reliable

Purpose of life:

People of ruling number 4 pay special attention to experience for physical performance. For example, singing activities, sports ... and activities related to the body. Until they perceive the joy and achievement in it, they will slowly develop love and wisdom. From there they can start moving towards higher positions.

Forte and short:

A person with ruling number 4 has an extremely large field that covers almost all of the work that requires manual labor. Indeed, in this world any job requires manual use. Therefore, ruling number 4’s people have plenty of opportunities to work and shine. They absolutely can become a talented business person, and can bring your business the "huge" contracts with very high value.

These people will especially shine in cultural sports activities thanks to possessing the main element of fitness.

However, those with the ruling number 4 will like to experience the mainstream, not the feeling of adventure and adventure.

Things to fix:

Because people of ruling number 4 love real things, practically whatever they are, they are very patient to listen and work. But if it is a spiritual or spiritual issue, these people often dislike hearing and lose patience. Only when life pushes them to encounter great obstacles, they turn to spirituality to relieve them.

Besides, because they are very busy with work, they are easily swept away by work and forget the balance in life. This will make them vulnerable to severe pressure and stress. Therefore, it is advisable to know how to relax, let go of unnecessary tasks. You should give up the habit of "addiction" to work and must know to enjoy the spiritual value. You can refer to a meditation method to both reduce pressure and improve your wisdom.

In addition, you need to find more mental training exercises to help yourself improve and develop more special thoughts and feelings.

Suggestions for suitable careers

Because your performance school is so broad, almost any career you can do as long as you have enough love for that job and have an educated skill. For example, you do business, technician, artisan, machine operator, professional sports athlete, doctor ...

However, if you work in finance, you need to develop a highly balanced mind for a balanced mind. Because if being overly materialistic makes you go astray, you will not be on your mission to life.