Ruling number 2

The Numerology


People of ruling number 2 has the following outstanding characteristics:

  • Very sensitive
  • Has good intuition:
  • Trusted, dedicated and loyal
  • Gentle and want to live peacefully
  • Having few egos should not overwhelm others

Purpose of life:

The ruling number 2 people have the ability to do well under talented leaders. In general, the ruling number 2 people are born to be an effective assistant and a gentle assistant for those who do great things for society. These people never have a leadership mindset, they just want to contribute and live peacefully. In addition, they are extremely dedicated and loyal.

Forte and short:

Although people with ruling number 2 have a good ability to work independently, these people do not like to work independently. They have a very good artistic talent, they love singing and dancing but will only sing top or dance in groups, not want to perform solo.

People of ruling number 2 possess the ability to write and to draw but still need guidance by their honest intuition. So just listen to your intuition and then you will be successful.

Things to fix:

The ruling number 2’s people often do not have an ego, but sometimes they are tempted to make their inner ego rise up and they will easily get angry and rebellious in a certain moment. This leads them to distance themselves from their purpose of life and the path they should be taking in order to fulfill their mission. So you need to realize that these are just temporary moments when you can return to the gentle you were.

In addition, because their intuition is very good, when you do not listen intuitively but follow the reason, it will easily cause mistakes. Therefore, you need to be very careful before every decision.

What can person number 2 develop?

A person with ruling number 2 is advised to use his strong intuition to develop his own confidence to choose a friend, partner or boss that he believes in, is committed, loyal and committed to life

Next, they should learn to subtly express their emotions. Because they are quite shy, they hardly know how to express the feelings.

In addition, they should also learn more brain exercises. When they focus more on intellectual development, you will harmonize all three levels - intellectual, physical and intuitive.

Appropriate career suggestions

The most suitable career for people ruling number 2 is assistant for business owners, leaders. In addition, they will also do well when participating in educational or volunteer activities.

Moreover, a person ruling number 2 is also very artistic blood. They will participate in singing groups, dance groups.

If the ruling number 2 students are unlucky and do not receive adequate education, you will be devoted workers on the lines at the factory.