Ruling number 7

The Numerology

The ruling number 7 is a number that represents loss so that through those losses people learn valuable lessons for themselves.

People with ruling number 7 will pay the price through one of three aspects of life: health, money / career, happiness / love.

However, those people with ruling number 7 will always have a happy ending for themselves if they can learn many lessons in life.


People with ruling number 7 possess the following outstanding traits:

  • Among the most active in all major numbers
  • Like to experience all aspects of his life by himself, he often has to bear eternal experiences, but thanks to that, their wisdom is developed.
  • The road of life is difficult: Only when the people of ruling number 7 realizes that they have learned enough and learned deeply enough, they naturally become torches to transmit experience to others.
  • Possessing courage that almost few people have.
  • There is a belief that everything that happens in life has a cause.
  • Be trustworthy and expect trust from others

Purpose of life:

People with the ruling number of 7 have a less flat life. Nearly the first half of your life can come at a price when you keep facing difficulties in life, even losses and sacrifices. However, once you have seen what is behind those losses to become your lessons, those losses will begin to stop. When you have enough experience, enough capital to learn from traumatic lessons, you can go to teach and share with others. And this is also your greatest purpose in life.

Forte and short:

Like to learn in their own way: The ruling number 7’s people have the same trait, find their own way of learning, suitable for themselves, but do not like to follow the methodical and traditional ways of many people who still learn.

He likes to bring himself out to experience: Ho wants to experience things others don't dare. For example, what is advised not to do but people with ruling number 7 will still do to experience how it happens.

Things to fix:

People of ruling number 7 are prone to rebellion. It can be seen that most of the individual students in the school and class have the main number 7.

The ruling number 7’s people like to advise others, not listen to others advise them. Therefore, if they have the same problem but are advised by others, it will easily make people’s ruling number 7 angry at themselves. Therefore, people of ruling number 7 need to overcome this by being open and listening more.

These people often lament about the obstacles in life. However, once you are complaining, you have not realized the lesson behind that. Therefore, by bravely wading through life's obstacles, you need to lament less. When you complain less, your life will be brighter.

What can person number 7 develop?

The Pythagorean Theology researchers have observed that those with the ruling number 7 often do not have an accurate business judgment, so you should not go economic. Otherwise you will suffer a bitter failure and it will be one of the three aspects of your life that you pay the price (mainly money / career).

However, if the ruling number 7 people open up to listen to advice and orient themselves according to the framework, their intuition will develop. From there, your life will be less obstacles, less ups and downs.

People with the ruling number 7 often learn quite slowly because they like to experience by themselves and not listen to teaching from others. Parents with children belonging to the ruling number 7 should pay attention to their children learning at a natural rate of learning and should not force their children to learn. The Pythagorean scientists have said that children in the ruling number of 7 will learn normally until the age of 7, then, on a 7-year cycle (i.e. from 7-14 years old) they will learn slowly. again. From the age of 14, if they become aware that they belong to the ruling number 7 and are disciplined, they can improve and learn quickly again to normal.

Appropriate career suggestions

The person with the ruling number of 7 is especially suitable for the law industry thanks to his reliability. In addition, they are also quite suitable for the teaching profession and the fields related to humanities such as members of religious associations, scientists, philosophers ...

One important feature that Pythagoras discovered in ruling number 7’s people 2,500 years ago was their ability to use sharp tools. Depending on the level of education, their flexibility in using the sharp tools will be demonstrated. For example, people who can go to higher education, according to medicine, they can become extremely excellent surgeons. If they do manual labor, jobs such as carpenters or lathes (who use milling knives) are also very good.