Ruling number 8

The Numerology


A person with the ruling number of 8 has 3 outstanding features:

  • Independence, self-control: They consider independence and autonomy of themselves in this life as extremely important. They do not like to disturb anyone and also do not like who annoys them. They even create the feeling of being a reliable support for others.
  • Strong personality
  • Possesses more power and intelligence than people
  • Leadership qualities

Purpose of life:

Everyone coming to this life wants to be appreciated and loved. The ruling number 8 holder is no exception. However, they often keep their love and respect in their hearts, but few people know how to show it. Therefore, this has made their biggest purpose when coming to this life is to learn how to show love and respect to others.

Forte and short

The ruling number 8 people often express deep sympathy for those who face difficulties and misery in their lives. However, if this incident lasted and continued continuously and they realized that the other person partly relied on or relied too much, the ruling number 8’s people  would feel uncomfortable and annoyed. Then they will find ways to get the other person out or try not to get involved.

People with ruling number 8 are usually very good, very successful people in life, in business and in commerce. Especially if the ruling number 8 holders know how not to let emotions affect their decisions, then surely they will always "hundred wins" in the marketplace.

These people attach great importance to dressing and are very proud of their appearance. Not only themselves, but also those whom they love and care about, they care about how to dress and guide the person to dress well.

They are very emotional, yet they often hide their sensibilities until they are mature enough to not be afraid to expose it anymore. At this point, they will begin to express their feelings and become in balance.

Things to fix

The sharp independence of the ruling number 8’s people is so obvious that it makes them feel extremely angry or angry when someone interferes with their plans. Thus, in order to guide the people of ruling number 8, it must be very subtle and skillful to not make them angry or angry.

Thanks to their inherent self-confidence and independent nature, the ruling number 8’s people easily attain senior management positions in corporate or corporate leadership. However, their shrewd independence sometimes becomes a disadvantage because it makes them appear cold, indifferent. Actually, they are still paying attention but they still pretend to be "I didn't notice anything". Therefore, people around us often comment that the ruling number 8 holders are quite cold and do not know how to show interest in people. Especially with family members, the ruling number 8 people will make their loved ones upset because they rarely show their care and are always cold to the family.

But you can rest assured, this weakness will gradually improve as they mature. Also, their love for all the weak creatures around is one of the things that helps them improve this coldness. Thanks to that, they were able to show their warmth a bit to everyone. Along with that, possessing superior intelligence helps them to see their own shortcomings that need to be perfected to become good when they grow up.

These people still need a lot of direction and guidance because their personality is a bit subjective. They often have an ego-oriented outlook. Because of that, sometimes their thoughts will be skewed towards too indulgent or too harsh, especially with their children or relatives.

The ruling number 8 holders often have problems in romantic relationships. Few of them have been smooth from the start. Except for those who have learned from experience. They have to know where they are going, then they can readjust from there. It is important that they show their gratitude, appreciation, and care for those they love in order to change.

What can person number 8 develop?

People owing ruling number 8 need to do their best to overcome his cold appearance. The most important thing is that the number 8 has to realize this to change for themselves because the vast majority of them find themselves very good and nothing needs to change more difficult to develop. Through it, their wisdom is also developed.

People with ruling number 8 really love to travel. This very good support for their wisdom and wisdom gradually formed and improved continuously through the journey. They cannot read books well by themselves, they need to travel around to see and learn to develop their intelligence.

Suggestions for suitable careers

Most people with the ruling number 8 will be leaders in the company because of their outstanding executive abilities. They are highly knowledgeable in financial matters, so they are often attracted to the banking or securities industries. In addition, they are also very good at coordinating travel, being pilots, captains, teachers ... However, it would be better for them to lead mainly professionally rather than mentally.

Besides, due to their ability to hide all their emotions through a cold appearance, they have great ability in professional acting.