Ruling number 3

The Numerology

The number 3 is located at the top of the highest axis in the date of birth - the intellectual axis, so the person with the ruling number 3 will have the ability to think sharp. They always use their thinking ability to achieve much success in life.


People of ruling number 3 have the following outstanding features:

  • Quick-minded
  • Sense of humor
  • Always be alert in all situations

Purpose of life:

The ruling number 3’s people will have life goals related to their thinking abilities. They place an emphasis on the goal of using their thinking abilities rather than practical experiences or intuition. They need to learn to understand life and develop more personality. The things they bring to life are expressed through thinking, planning, analyzing, remembering, ...

Forte and short:

When focusing on work, the people of ruling number 3 will prove their ability to the job that almost no one can be better than them because their intellectual axis is extremely developed. Therefore, these people are most likely to become pioneers, spiritual leaders of organizational activities.

With the sharp sobriety shown in almost every job, the intelligence of the third person is evidenced in quite witty and humorous ways, so they are very popular at work, partners.

Things to fix:

People with ruling number 3 will be very sociable and cute with new acquaintances or people who work together normally, but for those who have known them for a long time and are close, they often get in the habit of bullying. So you are told that, when you find yourself starting to bully others, you have to restrain it so as not to stress your loved one.

In addition, the ruling number 3 is also very easy to be patriarched. If the people around you are not strong enough, they will likely be left out by your strong leadership.

Besides, because the ruling number 3’s people are too excellent intellectually, they often lack patience with people who are not as good as themselves. Thus, people number 3 need to understand this characteristic of himself in order to live in harmony with everyone.

What can person number 3 develop?

Because the intellect axis of the third person is so well developed, even overwhelming your soul, you are advised that you should develop more physical experiences for the subtle, emotional and your perceptions grow, your life will become in balance.

In addition, people ruling number 3 should learn to nag others. You need to let your natural resilience help you to arouse a new source of energy.

Finally, many people assume that a smart person needs good intuition. However, intuition is more prone to those who have more spiritual preeminence. Therefore, ruling number 3’s people are too mentally inclined, they need to learn more to develop intuition for you to develop evenly.

Appropriate career suggestions

Because people with ruling number 3 have an intellectual nature, they are suitable for jobs that require a lot of intelligence such as academic fields, especially science, accounting, business administration, programmers, system analyzer, journalist, critical theorist ...