Ruling number 22

The Numerology

In the twentieth century, very few people had the ruling number of 2-2 / 4, but through the twenty-first century, babies born from 2000 onwards, the probability of number 2-2 / 4 is very high. Therefore, we need to know this in advance to orient our children and help them realize that they are very special people and must live in a special way.


The person with the ruling number 2-2 / 4 has the following outstanding characteristics:

  • Need the best education possible: When they get a good education and have their own space to study, they can enter and be successful in any field. They can attack any obstacle that ordinary people can barely do. Therefore, we should make use of this limitless power of people 2-2 / 4
  • Emotional absence: People 2-2 / 4 think that it is redundant to express their feelings outward, so they rarely express their feelings out, even though they also love to live in emotions. contact.
  • Always ready to face challenges: They will not deny any challenges in life and this will help their capacity increase constantly.

Purpose of life:

According to Dr. David A Phillips as shown in the book The complete book of numerology, people whose ruling number is 2-2 / 4 are sent to earth to be spiritual leaders and mentors for the developing world. in terms of consciousness. However, they will also encounter a number of obstacles in their lives, the biggest test for them is whether they realize they are special or not?

Forte and short:

The main number 2-2 / 4 is considered the master number. In terms of cheek numbers, 2-2 / 4 is the number with the highest number of cheeks. If the person with the ruling number of 2-2 / 4 knows the sense that he is "king", they will be "king". However, if they are not aware that they are "kings" or in other words, they do not know that inside themselves they contain a huge power to change almost everything that they can participate in. they will live in a boring, miserable way and even have many people living in psychiatric hospitals. Therefore, the person whose ruling number is 2-2 / 4, live in a particularly honest and confident way, and you will be able to do everything in this life.

Things to fix:

Most people 2-2 / 4 are able to realize their own strengths and manipulate them very successfully. However, some people fail to realize their own worth and are even tempted by material temptations. When dragged into material temptations, the number 2-2 / 4 will be stuck in it forever and will receive many negative things that the number 4 brings but is multiplied with more harms. At this point, they will be lost and obsessed with money. These things make them increasingly lonely, lost and unhappy. Treatment to help these people get back to normal takes a lot of work, understanding because when they are in a negative state, it can be difficult to listen to others. So the parents of 2-2 /4 children should have the appropriate educational method and guide the baby to realize he is special as well as push him in a positive direction, the 2-2 / 4 child will be a great person.

What can person number 2-2 / 4 develop?

People 2-2 / 4 need to ensure the balance between work and play. These innate abilities make these people susceptible to job addiction and relentless success. However, they often forget that the enjoyment of spiritual achievements is just as important. Therefore, they are encouraged to participate in recreational activities or creativity because it will help your life much more balanced.

Appropriate career suggestions

In cases where the 2-2 / 4 people live actively and are aware of their special abilities, they will become talented leaders in social organizations or large enterprises. If they are an ordinary person, they are also very reputable and get many people to consult.

People 2-2 / 4 have the ability to excel in many fields such as art, politics, services ... They can completely study higher to become talented researchers too.